CPA Firm Gives Schroeder High Marks

December 2, 2017

A peer review audit says Schroeder's department consists of "experienced, competent, and qualified professionals."

Buffalo Comptroller Mark Schroeder hired a firm of certified public accountants to review his audit team, known as a peer review, which found that Schroeder's staff is made up of "experienced, competent, and qualified professionals," who are "operating effectively."

"It is always a good idea to bring in someone from the outside to take an independent and objective look at the audit process," said Schroeder. "It is actually required by the charter, but to my knowledge, it has never been done before."

Section 7-10 of the Buffalo City Charter requires that the comptroller have his department "reviewed by a professional, non-partisan objective organization utilizing nationally recognized guidelines." After a competitive bidding process, Schroeder selected Amato Fox and Company Certified Public Accountants to conduct the peer review audit, which found that the department is "operating effectively."

Schroeder credited the leadership of City Auditor Kevin Kaufman, who is also a certified public accountant. The audit report from Amato Fox and Company found that Kaufman's "knowledge, drive, and energy level are a positive compliment to the department."

"I have always known we had a great staff in Department of Audit and Control, but it is reassuring to have a team of professionals validate their excellent work," said Schroeder.

Read the report (PDF).