Schroeder Unveils Watchdog Hotline

December 4, 2017

Watchdog Hotline - Phone: 716-851-8779

Citizens encouraged to report waste, fraud, and mismanagement in city government.

Buffalo Comptroller Mark J.F. Schroeder unveiled the Watchdog Hotline, a phone number and website dedicated to exposing waste, fraud, and mismanagement in city government.

"Citizens and city employees who see their tax dollars being wasted or stolen can use the Watchdog Hotline to alert our office," said Schroeder, who heads the department responsible for rooting out wrongdoing in City Hall. "They don't have to give their name, but they should provide as many details as possible to help our auditors begin an investigation."

Citizens can call 851-8779 or use the watchdog website to anonymously report wrongdoing.

"Whether it is quarters from a parking meter, or a sophisticated embezzlement scheme, it's taxpayer money and we need to know about it," said the comptroller.

"Once we get the information, our auditors will step in to restore the public trust."